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Water and Carbon Cycle Diagram Activity - Bring out their creativity!


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Grade Level Grades 6-8
Resource Type Activity

About This Lesson

This package is broken into a water cycle and a carbon cycle assignment. Usually, what I do is use the water cycle as a practice run (more formative assessment), then the carbon cycle as graded work but the tasks can be used however you like. Your students will use their varied learning styles to complete this assignment.

Those who love art will savor the chance to really get creative and design something fantastic. Others will enjoy the way the task is set out step-wise with easy to follow instructions. Both will create something they can be proud of and at the same time, they will be learning about the water and carbon cycle. Great for upper elementary, middle and high school classes. These activities can easily be adapted for lower elementary by simplifying some wording and reducing the task requirements.


Included in the activity package is:

- A full overview of both tasks

- An itemized list of all required items

- The water cycle contains a graded checklist for the required components

- The carbon cycle contains two different rubrics depending on the depth you want to go into

- Exemplary student examples for both assignments


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The individual Ecology Lessons for the unit can be found below:

Lesson 1 - The Spheres of the Earth

Lesson 2 - Ecosystems

Lesson 3 - Energy Flow In Ecosystems

Lesson 4 - Cycling of Matter In Ecosystems

Lesson 5 - Population Influences within Ecosystems

Lesson 6 - Ecological Succession

Lesson 7 - Biomass and Fossil Fuels

Lesson 8 - The Importance of Biodiversity


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February 13, 2020
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