Interpreting the Legacy of Cesar Chavez

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In this lesson, students will understand how Cesar Chavez's adolescence as a migrant farm worker influenced his later achievements. Students will read excerpts from Chavez’s autobiography and draw connections around organized labor, social justice, and humane treatment of individuals. Once students have critically thought about these connections, they will write a response supported with evidence to answer the investigative question on the impact of Chavez’s early years. Extensions on present migrant farming practices and adaptations are available for ELLs and readers at multiple levels.

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November 2019
March 2017
Plafreiere: You are mistaken. Your criticism is over the wrong Chavez. Please investigate. The "truth" you claim is inaccurate.
March 2017
Total agree with plafreniere "This is not educational. It is 100% propaganda". Sharemylesson allows way too much agenda driving lessons to be posted.
March 2017
I'm not sure which is worse. Not knowing what you're talking about (even after watching the video?!) or agreeing with someone as clueless as yourself. You decide!
March 2017
This is not educational. It is 100% propaganda. Chavez is shown as a completely positive force for humanity. Nothing could be further from the truth. Under Chavez, Venezuela became a miserable place for the vast majority of citizens. It is internationally known that Chavez concentrated power in himself and cracked down dissenters. Human rights have become non-existent, and poverty has skyrocketed. This lesson is designed to leave the learner with a sense of admiration for civil rights hero. He is even shown with Ghandi and Kennedy. His rise to power is shown accurately, but to tell partial truth is to lie.
March 2017
I believe you have gotten Chavez's mixed up . Cesar Chavez was in California, USA. The Chavez, you are referring to was Hugo. Hugo Chavez was the dictator of Venezuela. Cesar Chavez was a positive force for migrant workers in California. He was a civil rights hero in the USA. His work paralleled Dr. Martin Luther King's Civil Rights movement in the US South, both in time and focus. It is important for our Latinx youth to know their part in the history of our USA.
March 2017
LOLOLOLOLOL. Dude, wrong Chavez. Man, people just want any opportunity to bash. Did you even watch the video? Read about him? Go edu-ma-cate yourself before you rant. End rant.
March 2017
This may be the most ironic comment I've ever read! Not educational? How is it possible to confuse United Farm Worker Cesar Chavez with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela? Do all Chavezes seem the same to you? Now, please tell us more about what is educational, and what isn't. Seriously, please do it.
May 2016