Make a Mathy Valentine

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What better way to impress your valentine than with beautiful mathematical patterns?

The human eye is naturally drawn to patterns, which is why repetitive designs adorn our homes and churches, printed fabrics and wallpapers are design staples, and dishes feature motifs of rotational symmetry.

With a little math, you can use hearts to create captivating and ornate graphic patterns perfect for making valentines!

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February 2018
I will try this with my high school scholars. We are in the Transformations lessons activity. Will have them prepare hearts, using whatever method they wish, as HW for Tuesday. They can bring those in for Wednesday activity. However, I was unable to access the "request for classroom printable packet" help!!!
December 2018
Hi there, good news - the additional classroom packet is not essential for completing the activity (it's a bonus provided by the publisher of the book that inspired this activity). You can print out the packet here: