Memorial Day Handouts

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This resource contains several handouts for students that support vocabulary growth, self-reflection, and student learning about the holiday of Memorial Day. The last resources includes information about Memorial Day in different cultures.

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May 2019
May 2019
This was Great!!!!!! Thank You
May 2019
May 2017
The links say it's not available.
May 2017
This is excellent. However, families also use memorial day to visit their dead family members.
May 2019
What I love about this as a person that visits my Brother who was killed at war at the grave yard, is it helps with understanding at a young age that Memorial Day is not Veterans Day. You would not say Happy Memorial Day, any more than your would say happy funeral. Further, the day is about those that didn’t get to live out their life’s at home, after the war... Which a lot even myself before I lost my brother do not understand. Though once you have lost someone to war, you understand the difference. These lesson plans and the supporting material is so well done...