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Mindful Moments: Take Five



A short breathing activity that can be done anywhere, by anyone, at any time of day. The perfect tool for your back pocket, if you ever find yourself needing a time out, moment away from the daily grind, or just want a brain-break.


Being over-stimulated, too busy or completely stressed out can hinder one’s ability to be fully self-aware. Breathing mindfully, and concentrating on the breath, helps to refocus and bring attention back to the present moment.


  • Invite students to sit in a circle.
  • Play the guided practice.
  • Once the activity has concluded, take a brief pause, and then engage the group in a dialogue about their experience. Use the prompt below as a jumping off point.


Describe your experience of TAKE FIVE with one word or an image.


  1. Sit in a comfortable position.
  2. Gently close your eyes or choose a point somewhere on the floor that you can focus on.
  3. Turn one hand palm up to the ceiling. This will be your counting hand. At the end of each breath cycle, you will fold one finger on this hand into your palm until all five fingers are folded.
  4. Gently take an in-breath. Fill your lungs, pause and then slowly breathe out and pause again. Fold your first finger. This is TAKE ONE.
  5. Repeat this process four more times.
  6. Allow yourself to continue to breathe in and out. You don’t need to do anything special, your body knows how to breathe.
  7. When you are finished, slowly bring your attention back to the room, and take a moment to notice how you feel.
  8. When you have finished, see if you can follow the sound from the vibratone from the moment it begins as it lingers and fades away.
  9. When you are ready, bring your attention back to the room and take a moment to check in with yourself. How do you feel?


2 Reviews
Thank you for you comment! The guided practice link has now been updated.
Megan Ortmeyer
September 03, 2019
Great breathing exercise, but the guided practice link does not work.
Fatima Whitaker
October 25, 2018

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