Number Partners Unit

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In this unit the children learn to find partners for small numbers and for number 10 by breaking them apart. Break-apart partners are pairs of numbers that together form a larger a number. For example, the 5-partners are 4 and 1, and 3 and 2. Children will see a lot of modeling of the break-apart concept through storytelling and dramatic play or drawing in order for them to see that one group of objects (total) can be broken into two groups (partners). In other words, the children can see the total = partner + partner relationship. Aligned to Common Core State Standards: K.OA.3 , K.OA.4

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September 2014
Top notch for sure and they include everything! Thanks!
May 2014
Thank You so much!! New to the common core and teaching field, I find these lessons extremely helpful. They cover each area thoroughly.
February 2014
Wonderful! Thank you for sharing I love that it slowly builds up to
August 2013
Wow - these lesson plans leave nothing to chance! Thanks!