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Physical Education and The Importance of Trees
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Physical Education and The Importance of Trees


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Grade Level Grades K-2
Resource Type Lesson Plan
Standards Alignment
Next Generation Science Standards

About This Lesson

Access Lesson Plan Here: Take It to the Forest

This lesson introduces students to the relationship between health and climate change through play and movement.

Step 1 - Inquire: Students complete an exercise warm-up and wonder about the question “Why am I breathing so hard?”

Step 2 - Investigate: Students play a game focusing on exercise, the carbon cycle, and climate change.

Step 3 - Inspire: Students discuss ways in which they can help address climate change, such as planting trees.

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Take It to the Forest - SubjectToClimate - SML.pdf

Lesson Plan
February 28, 2023
940.24 KB


Compare multiple solutions designed to slow or prevent wind or water from changing the shape of the land.
Use materials to design a solution to a human problem by mimicking how plants and/or animals use their external parts to help them survive, grow, and meet their needs.


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