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Podcast: Philadelphia Principal Transforms High School by Focusing on Student Needs

Grade Level Grades 9-12
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NASSP Principal of the Year Richard Gordon never wanted to be a principal, he knew the stresses and limitations of the job, but others saw his potential. Eventually he landed at Paul Robeson High School, a troubled school that nobody wanted to lead, and he built systemic changes to ensure safety, emotional and academic supports, college and career readiness, and beliefs to help teachers and students.  Having grown up in poverty in Camden, NJ, Gordon understands the struggles of his students and their families and works to find supports outside school. IHe also discusses the effects of generational poverty in Philadelphia and need for more investment in public schools and higher education to help disadvantaged populations.

He also mentors other principals and teachers to transform schools into high-performing learning environments.



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February 17, 2021
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