Problem Solving - Time Length Capacity

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set of cards to print. I printed the different ability levels on different colors to match my groups; then had a table for each of the strands - time; volume; length. The children moved freely around the tables; selecting a problem from each table which matched their color group.They match in with my other set - time; mass; symmetry and shape so you could mix ‘n’ match!

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July 2016
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January 2016
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December 2011
Many thanks for sharing. It is Sunday morning and this will allow me some free time ! It is just what I need for the children.
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June 2011
Lovely carousel activity with well-thought out problems to solve. Thankyou
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June 2010
Many thanks for sharing, these will be very useful
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March 2010
These look ace. Many thanks. I am sure I will use them.