Sandy Hook: Graphic Support for SWD and Very Young

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Use this special release from News-2-You to help students hear, read and understand the important information that they are safe. Potential audiences include students with disabilities and very young children, who need graphic support with language that is easy to understand. If children want to expand on each sentence or thought, use vocabulary they know and understand to re-state the content, for example: I am okay. You are okay. We are okay. Reprinted with permission from News-2-You, a weekly online newspaper to support and stimulate students with special needs around the world.

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October 2014
Certainly good vocabulary to use for traumatic events.
November 2013
Could become dated since it connected to a specific incident. Could be edited to use in other incidents.
April 2013
Good activity sheet with lots of visual clues. I used it with a hearing impaired student in class.