Saving Reluctant Writers


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This simple 3 step process shows you how to help students organize and sequence their ideas for easy writing. This graphic organizer can be used across the curriculum to tackle dyslexia; planning for writing; raising boys' levels of writing; revision skills; study skills.Feel free to share this with colleagues. If you would like to download other similar free resources then visit and click on free resources

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July 2016
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January 2016
August 2015
If you modify the information, it is possible for 1st and 2nd graders. "Wants", is understandable. "Benefits" can be changed to HELPS. Nothing is ever exactly what you need. That is part of teaching. Make it work for your grade level
May 2015
Agree not for 2nd graders...
May 2015
Exactly how is this taught? Needs many more explicit steps. Certainly not for second graders!
March 2015
This lesson is a load of BS. The designer very cursorily went over some steps (in very academic language) assuming students would come out of the box with these skills. This is not even a blueprint: it's barely a freaking teaser.
January 2015
The powerpoint outlines good ideas for teachers, but needs to be revised for presentation to students. Also, there is no graphic organizer, only what is essentially a set of instructions for teachers. I'd call this a plan, not a resource.
November 2014
really great! I teach 6th and 7th grade, and this is still a useful resource even at upper levels. Some kids still need help organizing their ideas and this method has great ideas. I love the idea of working in pairs and explaining the idea to a friend.
August 2014
I love this approach and will employ it with my struggling L Arts students. Clear and concise.
November 2013
I like. It's too complicated for my own students, but would be good for others up to the task. I see the "Think, Pair, Share" idea I learned about in '03 is being used here.
March 2013
These are things I always do, but I like the addition of an acronym for the process just to help struggling writers to remember the process.
October 2012
I have been using the typical mind mapping organizer but what I like about yours is they start out with just jotting down any and all ideas, and then build the categories. Mine starts out by having the students put main topic in center bubble, then think up their categories first. I like yours much better...easier for the student to 'dump' first and then 'organize' after. thanks so much! [email protected]
October 2012
I could not open it. Please advise... I only rated it not useful because I can't view it...
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May 2012
some times we forget the basics this was a great refresher thank you