Schoolyard Biodiversity Unit- By Courtney Ellingson


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Students in grades k,1-2 will understand and explain biodiversity. Students will demonstrate an understanding of biodiversity by creating a short book using a book creator program. By the end of this unit students will be able to do the following:

  • create a map of their schoolyard.
  • predict the types of plants and animals found in their schoolyard habitat
  • describe and classify the plants and animals found in specific areas of a schoolyard
  • represent data found in a visual form (using tallies to create a bar graph)
  • describe and compare quantities of the living things
  • determine and report the diversity of a schoolyard
  • define biodiversity and explain why biodiversity is important

Included in this lesson are a full unit outline and one detailed performance task with directions on how to collect and record data to determine the biodiversity of a schoolyard. 

*Note: iPad and Lab Quest tools are suggested materials for this unit but can be substituted to fit your school's needs.

Career Connections (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Cluster:

Possible careers include a surveyor, biologist, quality-control scientist, environmental scientist etc....

Lesson Plan
Project Based Learning


July 2018
I do not see a lesson here - just an outline of an idea. :)