Supporting Grieving Children in our Schools

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Join the Coalition to Support Grieving Schools for a webinar that gives all educators and paraprofessionals strategies to help support kids in schools.

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Childhood bereavement is all too common: in the United States, approximately one in 20 children will lose a parent by the time they reach 16 years of age and the vast majority of children experience a significant loss by the time they complete high school. Yet grieving children are vastly overlooked—both in society at large and in schools in particular. Schools have a critical role to play in the grief journeys of children who have lost a loved one. Teachers’ and classmates’ responses to a student’s grief can either serve as a source of support and stability during a difficult time, or as an additional hurdle to surmount. Moreover, grief can have a serious impact on learning for school-age children; bereavement can manifest itself in decreased academic performance, social withdrawal, and behavioral problems. By demonstrating support, educators have an enormous opportunity to improve outcomes for their students.


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