Target Practice - The Area Formula for Circles

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Target Practice - The Area Formula for Circles

Meaningful math with a purpose! This great hands-on lesson gets students doing math while designing targets. Students become comfortable using the area formula for circles. And the best part is, their targets are set up and used during the school's fall carnival.

Adheres to CCSS

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December 2013
Great hands-on activity using multiple skills to create a target.
July 2013
Great resource for project-based learning activity that incorporates some rigor and relevance.
April 2013
Great tool for the upper grade levels for elementary school. However, teachers of the lower grade levels can look at it and get a feeling of what is to come for their students. Assuring the students comprehend, master, and are proficient in the skills taught to them in the earlier grade levels, will help make them successful for the more complex lessons.