Times table olympics - display

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Times table olympics - display

<p>I have been using a resource I was sent called the times table olympics in which children have to work their way through the medals to get to be an olympic champion. For example to be a Bronze medalist you have to know your 2;3;4;5 and 10 times table. I have been working on a display for my classroom and here it is; easily adaptable; and room for children to write their own names on when they reach a certain level.</p>

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July 2016
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January 2016
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April 2012
Brilliant thank you. Makes a great topical display
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December 2008
Wanted an idea to give children an incentive to learn their tables. This looks just the thing.
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November 2007
I've just started using the times tables olympics - children love it by the way. I was about to prepare a grid with Olympic rings as background. Might still do that as well. I like the team points - I'll use that as group points - added incentive. Smashin