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Understanding Your Body's Need for Vitamins and What They Do

Grade Level Grades 6-8
Standards Alignment
Next Generation Science Standards


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Your body is like an amazing piece of machinery. When you think about the many things you’re able to do, it’s easy to feel thankful for having organs and body parts that function. From being able to walk, talk, hear, see and breathe, some of these activities would not be possible if your body did not receive the nutrients it needs. In fact, humans require important nutrients to prevent cardiovascular disease and other conditions. The information below sheds light on the different reasons why your body needs vitamins.

Energy Levels

Obviously not all foods have all of the vitamins your body needs. When it comes to boosting your energy, you don’t necessarily need coffee everyday to make that happen. In fact, many of the B vitamins do a great job of increasing your energy levels so that you’re able to be productive. It’s a common reason why people take vitamin B supplements. It can be difficult to consume the recommended daily amount without a supplement.

Vitamin B also offers an overall sense of wellness and can reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. If you're not getting a sufficient amount of Vitamin B, consider speaking with a nutritionist for recommendations or checking out Thrive reviews to see if it’s the source of nutritional supplements you need to manage your overall health and wellness.

Age-Related Deficiencies

It’s possible to age well by minimizing the number of health issues that arise as you get older. There’s a reason why the life expectancy rate around the globe has increased over the past decade. It’s partly because of technological advancements in medicine and partly because more people understand the importance of diet and exercise. When your body is able to absorb the nutrients it needs, you have a better chance of avoiding some age-related health issues.

Heart Health

It’s possible for a multivitamin to support the overall functioning of your heart, which can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. This is big deal considering that heart disease is the leading cause of death in both women and men. Vitamins B, K, magnesium and CoQ10 are all beneficial in helping to prevent heart disease.

Immune System

There’s a reason why many people drink orange juice when they feel sick. It’s because vitamin C is a great antioxidant that can help to improve your immune system. The same applies to vitamins E and D. The combination of these vitamins can help you stay healthy and even fight off colds , especially during winter months.

Cancer Prevention

There are some vitamins that have been linked to a decreased risk of developing certain cancers. While you certainly would not depend on vitamins for treating cancer, they can serve as a preventative measure and a way to maintain a healthy immune system.

Hair and Skin

Everyone wants to have healthy skin, hair and nails. It can contribute to a more vibrant and healthy appearance. Some vitamins are more effective than others at improving your overall appearance, such as vitamins A, B, C, E biotin and CoQ10.


You only get one set of eyes, so you might as well take care of them. Vitamins A, B, C and E are all used to support the health of your eyes. This includes protecting them from light waves that are harmful. Some of these vitamins can also help decrease the risk of developing conditions that cause macular degeneration.

Since you would have to consume a significant amount of food to avoid being vitamin deficient, supplements can help fill in the gaps. This is especially important if you are on a restricted diet or if you’re pregnant. For instance, people that choose a vegetarian diet may consume a lot of vitamins, but that doesn’t mean it includes all of the vitamins recommended.


Develop a model to describe how food is rearranged through chemical reactions forming new molecules that support growth and/or release energy as this matter moves through an organism.
Develop a model to describe how food is rearranged through chemical reactions forming new molecules that support growth and/or release energy as this matter moves through an organism.


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