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Unsung Heroes: Evidence-Based Argument

Unsung Heroes: Evidence-Based Argument


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About This Lesson

In this four-part lesson on unsung heroes, students will be guided to either write or record an evidence-based argument to answer the question: “What makes an unsung hero?” Initially, students develop the criteria to describe a hero, and then apply those criteria to an unsung hero of their choosing. Working individually and in pairs, students will determine the traits and obstacles that their unsung hero faced in order to understand whether heroes are extraordinary people in ordinary circumstances or are ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.

An optional extra included for educators focused on English/Language Arts is a robust multi-stepped lesson plan, A Hero in My Life, for creating a written narrative that can be modified for grades 5-12.

The writing activity can be extended to include illustrating the narrative through story cloth making. Instructions for creating story cloths, examples and a lesson on “Story Cloth Traditions” are available:

Several opportunities to modify and adapt the lesson to meet students’ needs are provided.


Students will be able to:

  • identify criteria that describe a hero.
  • understand what makes a hero unsung.
  • determine an unsung hero’s impact on society, family or self.
  • write or create an argument for an unsung hero.

Enjoy this lesson on unsung heroes?

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