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We are all Superheroes: A Theatrical Unit on “El Deafo” by Cece Bell

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Subject Arts — Drama, English Language Arts, World Languages & Cultures — American Sign Language
Grade Level Grades 4-5
Resource Type Lesson Plan
Attributes Students with Disabilities

Attribution Non-commercial NoDerivative



This lesson is a unit of 9 classes. “El Deafo” is a graphic novel about a young girl, Cece, who becomes deaf in elementary school. The book highlights how she adjusts to her new life as she navigates her new hearing aids, communication, teachers and friendships. In each class students will read the parts of each character like they are reading for a play rehearsal. Encourage students to really embody their characters, gesturing, facial expressions and standing up (if possible). This lesson encourages students to feel empathy because each discussion highlights the feelings of characters. Each class is split up into a discussion and a reading


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