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Catherine Zack

Catherine Zack


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Catherine Zack is a corporate lawyer turned meditation teacher, relaxation guide, executive mindfulness coach, and wellness consultant. Catherine began her career as a litigator at a white-shoe, top-tier law firm in Washington, DC, a classic Type-A, high-achieving go-getter who checked all the right boxes and built a “successful-on-paper” legal career. But after a few years of that fast-paced, high-stakes, sleep-when-you’re done, big-law life, she finally looked up and realized that a career path toward the partnership wasn’t for her.

In 2014, she walked away from a prestigious legal practice for the practice of meditation to create welcoming, inclusive spaces of belonging, empower people with tools of self-exploration, personal development, mindfulness, and restoration to help them thrive and come alive.Since then, Catherine has worked with thousands of students and clients, leading retreats, trainings, and workshops in mindfulness and meditation all over the world, helping people create a greater sense of ease and balance, redefine their own definitions of “success” and relax into their lives. And yes — she’s even returned to her former law firm to lead mindfulness programs.

Catherine holds a B.A. in Politics and Gender and Sexuality Studies from New York University and a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. She and her family live in the Hudson Valley in upstate New York. You can learn more about her work at