Back to School: 10 Reasons to Prepare with AFT's Share My Lesson

Children ready for back to school!

Why is everybody making Share My Lesson their one-stop destination for back to school? Instead of stressing out about your upcoming year, read our top 10 tips below on making the most of what Share My Lesson can offer you and your students!

Back to School Tip #1 

  • Join or build an SML Community for additional support, resources and timely discussions. This brand new feature assists you with collaborating on ideas, sharing lesson plans and discovering resources to support your efforts in helping all children, PreK-12, succeed. Share My Lesson members include teachers and classroom aides, paraprofessionals, school support staff, preschool/daycare educators, afterschool providers, parents and community members. Connect with your colleagues and unlock all the possibilities that come with collaboration!



Back to School Tip #2

Back to School Tip #3


Back to school mental health resources


Back to School Tip #4

  • Update your profile! What do you get for taking the time to fill out all those questions? Our new profile features open the path to personalized content recommendations matched to your grade and subject areas of interest. 

Back to School Tip #5

Back to School Tip #6


Back to school standards guide


Back to School Tip #7

Back to School Tip #8

  • Get quick tips and inspiration in our educator-written blogs. New blogs are posted each week by innovators, leaders, and experts in the field.


sml blog


Back to School Tip #9

  • Login and upload lessons and resources to share with your peers online. It’s a great way to show your expertise and get feedback from your colleagues. 

Back to School Tip #10


news lessons


Have suggestions on new content or features you’d like to see on Share My Lesson this year? Comment below and tell us what we can do to help you! Read about new updates on Share My Lesson here.