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Restorative Practices: Free Classroom Resources

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Restorative Practices: Free Classroom Resources


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Employ the Power of Restorative Practices

Here at Share My Lesson, we know educators like you look for research-driven solutions to classroom management issues. When it comes to managing behavior in the classroom, the data is clear; even just one out-of-school suspension sets a student on a path for low academic achievement and possible failure.

Did you know the English word "discipline" comes from the Latin word disciplina, which means "to teach?" What do severe punishments like suspension teach or even offer children? Schools across the country and globe are recognizing the evidence-based power of using positive relationships, community building, conflict resolution and even meditation as alternatives to harsh, reactionary punishments.

In addition to the resources blow, check out this link to a teacher created webpage for restorative practices supported by AFT's International Affairs team. Additionally, check out this handout for resources on positive school discipline.