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6th Grade Math end of year review and problem solving practice

6th Grade Math end of year review and problem solving practice


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About This Lesson

Time for end of year review!  Great for distance learning!

This is a subset of the materials available in the complete 6th grade material at

It includes lessons and practice quizzes for the 20 most common problem types found on 6th grade end of year tests. There are individual and classroom tracking materials so students can chart their own progress while you chart the progress of the entire class.

Click the link below to just get the end of year review material.

2 Reviews
My daughter despite being more than prepared for school, bright, and willing to learn-- unfortunately never worked within her zone. She always worked on the much lower end. Coupled with the crippling way in which the teacher is wholly responsible for regurgitating everything--no personal responsibility for learning, by the beginning of her 10th grade year --I'm a new homeschool mom! I'm so happy to have found this, because yes, in 10th grade we have to start back at 6th grade. She will be using your worksheets and Kahn academy, while I teach from engageNY and MYP/IB. I can't tell you how grateful I am for the opportunity with your insight and your Kahn companion to unwind my daughter. As a homeschool mom, if there is any way to receive an answer key that would be great; however, I totally understand why you did not take the time to do that, and will more than likely be able to adequately teach up until 8th grade! Thank you so much for your work and effort. I can't tell you how appreciative I am.
November 14, 2020
Great webinar! Looking forward to more! Thank you!
Georgi Clymer
May 07, 2020