FREE - Full year of teaching materials aligned with Khan Academy Middle School Math (6-8)

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FREE - Full year of teaching materials aligned with Khan Academy Middle School Math (6-8)

Great for distance learning!  Complement your use of Khan Academy with 440 mini-lessons that are aligned with the Khan Academy missions for 6th Grade Math, 7th Grade Math, and 8th Grade Math.  These missions cover all common core standards.  Spend less time planning and more time teaching and intervening where students are struggling.  Lessons are brief and to the point so that students can quickly master skills on Khan Academy and then work on more creative projects that utilize these skills.   

Use the link below to access free downloads by grade level.

Details of what is included in each grade level compressed zipped file (6th - 8th):

1)  A pacing guide that shows Khan Academy skills covered in each unit.  Khan skills are covered mostly sequentially but there is a little jumping around. 

2)  A unit map that identifies key concepts, standards, vocabulary, and essential questions for each unit. 

3)  A description of a daily routine that utilizes the lesson materials provided.  Description includes how students are assessed and how student learning is differentiated.  I found administrators accepted this as my lesson plan when I also had the pacing guide and materials to back it up. Imagine, having lesson plans complete for the entire year!  

4)  Lesson materials for each unit.  Lesson materials teach one or two Khan Academy skills in two pages split into a total of 4 sections:

- “Do Now,” a warm-up task that tests prerequisite skills or reviews the skills taught on the prior day. 

- A skill or skills of the day, how students will know they have mastered the skill(s), and an essential question relevant to the skill. 

- Teacher exemplar and students guided work directly related to the skill(s) of the day.

- Exit ticket to assess student understanding of the lesson.

Units are organized as follows:

6th Grade MATH:

Unit 1 Fraction Operations and Properties of Numbers - 11 lessons

Unit 2 Decimal Operations - 17 lessons 

Unit 3 Ratios, Rates and Percent - 22 lessons 

Unit 4 Negative Numbers - 20 lessons 

Unit 5 Variables and Expressions - 16 lessons  

Unit 6 Equations and Inequalities - 16 lessons 

Unit 7 Geometry - 19 lessons 

Unit 8 Statistics and Probability - 20 lessons

Unit 9 Final Test Preparation - 18 lessons 

7th Grade MATH:

Unit 1 Sum and Difference with Negative Numbers - 17 lessons

Unit 2 Product and Quotient with Negative Numbers  - 20 lessons 

Unit 3 Percent, Unit Rate and Proportions - 26 lessons

Unit 4 Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities -   18 lessons

Unit 5 Geometry - 25 lessons

Unit 6 Statistics and Probability - 12 lessons

Unit 7 Final Test Preparation - 30 lessons

8th Grade Math:

Unit 1 Numbers and Operations - 28 lessons

Unit 2 Solving Equations with One Unknown - 12 lessons 

Unit 3 Linear Equations and Functions - 28 lessons 

Unit 4 Systems of Linear Equations - 8 lessons 

Unit 5 Geometry - 19 lessons 

Unit 6 Statistics and Probability - 20 lessons

Unit 7 Final Test Preparation - 18 lessons

These units can be printed as one sheet per day (front and back).  In a conventional teach, guided practice, independent practice, the skill(s) of the day can be assigned in Khan daily after completing this material.  In a student-directed learning or “flipped” classroom the skill(s) of the day can be assigned in Khan Academy BEFORE teaching this material. Students who have mastered the skill before being taught can continue to work ahead on Khan or on a unit project.  These materials can then be printed on demand for students who have not yet mastered the skill(s).

The final unit is a summary of the year that focuses on problem solving skills based upon 20 problem types identified for the grade level.  A separate folder in this folder contains 10 question quizzes that align with this unit as well as materials to track student and class proficiency in the 20 problem types. 

Many practice problems have been pulled from North Carolina released practice tests and EngageNY released practice tests. 

5)  Ten-question quizzes for 20 problem types.  Quizzes and tests assigned and completed within Khan Academy are preferable for tracking student progress.  However, sometimes technology is not available every day. 

Lesson Plan Resources

Digital Tool
Direct Instruction
Entry and Exit Ticket
Flipped Classroom
Graphic Organizer
Independent Practice
Lesson Plan
Teacher Instructions
Test Prep/Review
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August 2020
Wow! that is an amazing amount of work you have done here. Thanks for sharing!
August 2020
You're welcome. I hope you have a great school year.
September 2019
Thanks so much for the positive review and comments! I hope this material helps you focus less on planning and more on teaching your students and intervening when they are struggling!
September 2019
Wow, huge amount of material to support classroom teaching of every math skill in Khan Academy grade level missions (6th, 7th, and 8th grade math). Mini-lessons align perfectly with Khan skills and Khan skill can be assigned for homework.