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Annotate Text Using Google Docs

Annotate Text Using Google Docs


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About This Lesson

Getting started is easy. Go to the Applied Digital Skills website and sign up to set up your first class. Check out this guide with step-by-step instructions or go directly to the lesson through this link.

This lesson uses videos to teach critical life and technology skills:


  1. Introduction to Annotate Text Using Google docs
  2. Identify Unfamiliar Words and Concepts
  3. Engage with Text
  4. Read for the Main Idea
  5. Annotate Text Using Google Docs Wrap-Up
  6. Extension: Practice Finding Main Ideas
  7. Extension: Literary Annotations
  8. Extension: Research Annotations
  9. Extension: Annotation Journal
  10. Extension: Text-based Prompt Annotations
  11. Extension: Footnotes

Life Skills

  • Annotate text to prepare for a discussion or in writing a paper
  • Interact with text to increase reading comprehension and retention of what you read

Technology Skills

  • Open and rename a document
  • Add text to a document
  • Insert a table
  • Create an annotation key
  • Highlight, underline, and bold text
  • Add comments
  • Use the dictionary tool and define feature


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