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Counting and Cardinality – Ordinal Numbers: First and Last

Grade Level PreK
Resource Type Activity


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The learner will be able to identify whether an item in a line is first or last.

The teacher will call for the attention of the students and ask them to sit quietly in a circle.  The teacher will ask for student volunteers to help her with today’s lesson and encourage students to raise their hands if they would like to participate.  Whichever student raises his/her hand first, the teacher will say, “Thank you, Jane, you were the FIRST to raise your hand.”  She will call Jane and three other students to the front of the classroom.  The teacher will arrange the students in a straight line, all facing the same direction.  The teacher will ask the class, “Can you tell me who is FIRST in line?  Can you tell me who is LAST in line?”  She will help direct the class the to the correct answers, and then will tell the class that today in math, they are going to practice talking about first and last.  



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February 13, 2020
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