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Julie Palumbo: After spending 10 years in the Financial Industry, I traded in my suits for sneakers and decided to pursue what I have been passionate about for years, and combine that with my experience of creating a better, healthier, and happier life. As a certified Nutritionist and Health Coach, I work with individuals who are on a mission to feel better physically and mentally in order to boost daily energy and productivity. Together, we create a customized plan that will take them from where they are today to their "best whole self". Rather than focusing solely on what we should and should not eat, I focus on long-lasting habit changes that provide clients with the proper tools to lead a healthier lifestyle. Dedicating the past 8 years to creating a lifestyle that has led to putting my Crohn's Disease in remission, a successful business, and enriched my relationships with loved ones has led to the success of Best Whole Self, and I cannot wait for you to join me in transforming your life, as well. 

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October 2018