Lead Young Storytelling Guide

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Storytelling is a powerful way to shift mindsets. Writing and sharing stories about how a young person started changemaking early is a powerful tool to inspire other young people to do the same. 

Have you seen a young person in your school take charge when it comes to solving a problem their community is facing? It could be anything. They may have seen how kids on their block don’t have a safe space to play, or the way water is being wasted in their town. What did they do about it?

This guide is for educators and students who are interested in creating stories about inspiring young changemakers who are leading change in their communities.

The guide outlines 6 key elements of a Lead Young story and gives practical tips on how to write your own. For each core element, there are  concrete, creative examples and critical questions to consider. The guide also provides sample stories of young changemakers who are working together to solve problems in their communities. It is clear, concise and fun to use in the classroom! 

Join the "everyone a changemaker" movement by highlighting the changemakers that you see making a difference for the good of everyone.

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February 2019
February 2019