Math Formulas (Posters and Review Guides)

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Math Formulas (Posters and Review Guides)

A comprehensive set of 48 posters that can be printed off but also published as a booklet in the form of a review guide. This guide covers multiple grade levels and topics.

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April 2017
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July 2016
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January 2016
August 2016
Under order of operations, errors can be made with the instructions here: 12 / 3 x 2 + 20 / 5 x 2 should yield 8 + 8 or 16, but some students might get the following 2 + 2 or 4. Why did they get this wrong answer? They do all multiplications first and return to left to do divisions. GEMA is a better method, see the book "Math in Words" by George P Bullock. Read the section titled: "The Real Order of Operations: GEMA". G-grouping symbols, E-exponent operations, M - multiplication operations which include division, and A - addition operations which includes subtraction. It is time to put PEMDAS to "RIP"!
July 2016
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November 2013
1Wonderful presentation of information! Thanks
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May 2012
Good visual presentation of necessary knowledge of definitions.
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April 2012
Thanks for this - superb!
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December 2011
This is a brilliant resource with a variety of uses, it is basically a set of posters on all sorts of areas of Mathematics. It is in black and white so could be printed and copied as a set of revision notes for students. I would probably print these on to colored paper and display around the classroom as a visual cue for students. This must have taken a long time to produce, thank you for sharing.