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Mental Health: My Life is Worth Living - Abuse (Emily's Story Episode 1 of 4)


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About This Lesson

My Life is Worth Living is a mental wellness and suicide prevention series produced by the Cook Center for Human Connection in collaboration with Wonder Media. Each episode models positive coping skills and positive mental wellness techniques. In the resources tab, you'll find the episode in the following languages (in order): English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Japanese.

Character Synopsis: Emily is a creative, sometimes introverted person that has a close relationship with her mother, Theresa. They frequently make each other laugh and have always been supportive of one another. When Emily’s mom started dating someone seriously last year, Emily was excited for her. She has loved seeing her mom so happy, feeling inspired by her capacity to balance career, love, and family. Recently, Emily has been trying to balance this important relationship with her mom with the new uneasiness she has been experiencing about her mom’s fiancé, Brandon. Recurring moments of discomfort with him have now become more recognizable as sexual abuse. Currently, Emily is struggling to connect with her mother about what is going on, feeling guilt and shame about what has been happening, and beginning to have suicidal thoughts. With the support of her best friend Shayla and Shayla’s mother Carla, she is able to feel supported enough to confide in her mother and know that her story matters.

Episode Synopsis: A painful secret has been haunting Emily for months. She’s managed to keep it from her mom, but now mom’s going out of town for the weekend, and Emily will be left alone with Brandon, her mom’s fiancé. She can’t talk about what happened with Brandon, but she can’t stay home with him either. Feeling trapped and hopeless, Emily tells her mom she’s going to her friend Shayla’s house and hastily leaves, unsure how she can ever come back.

In each My Life is Worth Living lesson plan, you will find partner and class discussion prompts, writing prompts, a group activity, and a family resource. This lesson is appropriate for grades 6-12.




Lesson Plan
January 5, 2022
581.94 KB
Emily Uses Her Support Network to Escape Abuse | Ep 1 of 4 | Teen Mental Wellness Animated Series
Remote video URL
Emily usa su red de apoyo para evitar el abuso | 1 de 4
Remote video URL
Emily Usa sua Rede de Apoio para Fugir do Abuso | 1 de 4
Remote video URL
艾米丽利用大家对她的支持来逃避侵犯 | 第 1 集 共 4 集 | 青少年心理健康动画系列
Remote video URL
エミリー、虐待から逃れるためにサポートネットワークを利用する|4話中第1話|ティーンの心の健康 アニメーションシリーズ
Remote video URL


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