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Mental Health: My Life is Worth Living - Trauma (Danny's Story All Episodes)


My Life is Worth Living is a mental wellness and suicide prevention series produced by the Cook Center for Human Connection in collaboration with Wonder Media. Each episode models positive coping skills and positive mental wellness techniques. 

Synopsis: Danny has experienced life-threatening physical trauma after a fire that happened in his home. Now that he is dealing with physical disability and visible physical difference, he is struggling greatly with his sense of self-worth. Before the accident, Danny was a music lover and a jokester, who loved messing with his little brother, Angel, of whom he was also highly protective. Since the accident, he’s lost interest in a lot of the things he used to love. He feels isolated from his now-distant peers and he feels guilty that his family has to see him struggling to adjust to his new life. With the support of his family and medical team, he is learning how to accept his new normal and openly communicate in hard times so that he stays safe and feels connected.

In each My Life is Worth Living lesson plan, you will find partner and class discussion prompts, writing prompts, a group activity, and a family resource. This lesson is appropriate for grades 6-12.




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January 5, 2022
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Danny Learns a New Normal | Trauma Survivor | My Life Is Worth Living | Teen Mental Health Series
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