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Mental Health: My Life is Worth Living - Depression (Amie's Story All Episodes)

Grade Level Grades 6-12
Resource Type Lesson Plan


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My Life is Worth Living is a mental wellness and suicide prevention series produced by the Cook Center for Human Connection in collaboration with Wonder Media. Each episode models positive coping skills and positive mental wellness techniques. 

Character Synopsis: Jam-packed days and meticulous planning help 16-year-old Amie stay organized and pursue her goals. With the help of her therapist, her family, and her boyfriend, Amie is learning that there’s no shame in continuing to struggle, that relying on the support of loved ones doesn’t make her a burden, and that a sense of hope and purpose can help her cope with negative thoughts.

Episodes Synopses: Homework and extracurriculars fill 16-year-old Amie’s hours, and every new task helps her stay positive. When she accidentally damages her new day planner, however, the negative thoughts that she wished were gone come spiraling back. But, she’s learning that the relationships she’s been avoiding are really the connections she needs to heal.

In each My Life is Worth Living lesson plan, you will find partner and class discussion prompts, writing prompts, a group activity, and a family resource. This lesson is appropriate for grades 6-12.


Amie Learns to Live with Her Negative Voice | My Life is Worth Living | Mental Wellness Series
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