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Novel HyperDoc Unit Template for Refugee by Alan Gratz For Teachers, Parents and Students Especially During Social Isolation


Novel HyperDoc Unis are absolutely one of the best tools for everyone especially in a novel study. Templates like this one are customizable for the unique need of the person selecting to use it. The review of all the material in this unit make me want to run out and try it out. Refugee by Alan Gratz book has a range of  4-8th grades. This an amazing Novel HyperDoc Unit created by Laura Conroy was tested out in both 6th and 7th. I would be comfortable working with it with ELA 9th grade and also 9-12 with learning needs in smaller environment. Remember , give credit where it is due found on the first page in this document. She gives her inspiration on the last slide, but her name is absent. I think there are several things that could also work stand alone or with little revising as part of a different novel study.


 #9 Top Member Lesson of 2020


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