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The Power of Poetry
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The Power of Poetry


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Grade Level Grades 6-12
Resource Type Activity, Article, Handout, Worksheet

About This Lesson

Girl Rising uses the power of storytelling to change the way the world values girls and their education and to ignite change. One method of igniting change is through art and poetry. 

In this activity, students will be introduced to the importance of educating girls and the power of poetry through Senna's story and stories from Girl Rising’s “My Story Challenge”. Students will have the opportunity to show their creativity by writing poems or spoken word pieces based on a social issue that is important to them or an issue presented in what they have read and/or watched.

This lesson is part of a collection of topics on Share My Lesson from Girl Rising that work in conjunction with each other. It includes the Senna video, Janay Speaks, a video of a rap performance, teacher instructions, a student worksheet, issue fact sheets on the Impact of Educating Girls,  Cultural Influences and Oppression, poems by Senna, and the poem The Design of Girlhood In My Village.



The Power of Poetry - Student Worksheet.pdf

July 7, 2021
42.91 KB

Issue Fact Sheet - Oppression.pdf

Handout, Worksheet
July 6, 2021
109.66 KB

Issue Fact Sheet - Cultural Influences.pdf

Handout, Worksheet
July 6, 2021
110.55 KB

Intro - Why We Educate Girls.pdf

Handout, Worksheet
July 6, 2021
434.19 KB

Senna's Poetry.pdf

Handout, Worksheet
July 6, 2021
105.25 KB


July 2, 2021
675.57 KB
Senna's Story | Peru
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