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Girl Rising uses storytelling to raise awareness and ignite action so that girls everywhere are valued and educated. Our films – and companion resources – explore powerful stories about courageous girls who confront the barriers to their independence, including poverty, child marriage, gender-based violence, domestic slavery, culture and tradition.

Girl Rising’s message of resilience and possibility has captured the imaginations of young people across North America and around the globe spurring students to see beyond their borders, value their education, think critically and believe in their capacity to create change in their lives, their communities, and the world.

Our robust, standards-aligned, flexible educational materials have been used across a range of subjects, grade levels and classroom settings. Whether in the classroom or as part of an extracurricular program, educators can teach directly from the materials, strengthen an existing lesson plan with select resources, or create a stimulating new unit.

For more information on the Girl Rising Educator Program, visit our website.

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Educating Girls: Amina’s Story
Amina is a young woman constrained by Afghan society, confined by her gender and expected only to serve men. But this child bride is determined to...
Educating Girls: Suma’s Story
Though her brothers go to school, Suma is forced into bonded labor at age 6. This Nepali girl endures years of sorrow by writing beautiful music and...
Educating Girls: Wadley’s Story
Wadley is just 7 when the world comes crashing down around her. In 2010, Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake destroys her home and school, but it cannot...
Educating Girls: Sokha's Story
  • Multiple Subjects
  • 3-5, MS, HS
Sokha was a Cambodian child of the dump: orphaned and forced to pick through garbage to survive. But through a series of fortunate events, Sokha...
Educating Girls: Ruksana's Story
  • Multiple Subjects
  • 3-5, MS, HS
Ruksana’s family are “pavement dwellers” living on the streets of Kolkata, India. Her life is filled with danger, but she escapes into her artwork...
Educating Girls: Mariama's Story
Mariama, a teenager from war-torn Sierra Leone, is the voice of the future. Not only is she the first in her family to be educated, she has her own...
Educating Girls: Senna's Story
Senna’s family struggles to survive in a bleak Peruvian mining town. Her father has big dreams for her and so insists she go to school. She discovers...
Educating Girls: Yasmin's Story
Yasmin, a young Egyptian girl, falls prey to a violent attack. Yasmin’s is the story of the triumph of imagination over a reality too painful to bear...
Educating Girls: Nasro's Story
Nasro is a 17-year-old girl who has fled from civil war and famine in Somalia to a refugee camp in Kenya, where she copes, along with tens of...
Educating Girls: Azmera's Story
When 13-year-old Azmera is told she must marry, she does something shocking: she says no. Meet an Ethiopian family where a brother champions his...