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Students take flight on a Learning Adventure with “Migration” - A STEM Program for Elementary Students!


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About This Lesson

Looking for an exciting way to engage your elementary students in Language Arts, Math, Geography, and STEM? Look no further than "Take Flight with Migration"! This educational program offers a unique opportunity to explore the science behind avian migration, the importance of teamwork, and how we can help birds.

Designed for grades 1-3 and 4-6, this program includes engaging activities and games that incorporate analytical thinking and creativity. Students will learn about the fascinating world of bird migration and the challenges these birds face on their journeys. They will also discover the ways in which we can help protect birds and their habitats.

Teacher kit includes: 

  • Teacher’s guide/lesson plan 
  • Activities to support critical thinking and creativity 
  • Bonus teaching kit for grades 1-3 with 6 additional activities!

Visit the PROGRAM SITE for: 

  • Complete teaching kit for grades 1-3 and 4-6 
  • Curricular standards chart
  • Interactive Digital Quiz
  • Migration Trailer

Made Possible By: Illumination and Universal Pictures

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to take your students on a learning adventure! "Migration" is in theaters starting December 22.




Lesson Plan
November 17, 2023
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Lesson Plan
November 17, 2023
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