Fun May Not Be Funny: SEL/ Literacy Lesson based on "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"

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Nobody believes a liar, even when they are telling the truth. 

5 Minute Video Lesson. 

This is the classic Grimm Brothers folktale of the Shepherd Boy and the Wolf. The story builds an understanding of personal responsibility concerning community. Sometimes jokes are only fun for the joker; and that can have real consequences.

This is a complete Social and Emotional Learning/ Literacy lesson for all ages. The video begins with the simple ethical framework of the Four Awesome Questions: Before we act, first ask . . . Is it True? Is it Fair? Will it build friendships and Community?  Will it be Helpful to those involved?

The folk story audio is paced with the text.  Following the story, there are open-ended questions to prompt an authentic discussion to support Critical Thinking.

Working with a class? Jump to a quick assessment that will email you the responses:

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