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Three Tiny Tales of Friendship Challenges
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Three Tiny Tales of Friendship Challenges


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About This Lesson

6-10 Minute Social and Emotional Micro-Lesson

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We are most vulnerable to the ones closest to us. What happens when our friends or family abuse our trust? How to we learn to avoid being gullible?


1. Initiate an authentic dialogue with students concerning what it means to be a good friend.  

2. Elicit student responses that exhibit ethical thinking


These three timeless folktales from Africa feature the trickster Anansi and his antics with his friends that demonstrate aspects of human-nature that may not be flattering, but present in our social journey nonetheless. This is a complete micro lesson on Social Emotional Development through the ethical lens of the Four Awesome Questions: Is it True? Is it Fair? Will it Build Community and Better Friendship? Will it be Helpful to those Involved? These questions, when used daily in class contribute toward fostering an ethics-based culture that resolves conflicts creatively, demonstrates heightened personal accountability and practices critical thinking that builds community.

Following the story, selected discussion questions are presented to engage critical thinking and authentic discussion.

Additional Discussion Questions

What types of behaviors make you want to be friends with someone?

What types of behaviors are unfriendly?

When you see someone treating a friend with disrespect, how can you support your friend?

Record class responses using this Link to a Google Form Assessment of Anasi and Tiger stories:

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Three Tiny Tales of Anansi and Tiger - All African Folktales
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