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Kindness with Confidence: Caterpillar-Kitten Song

Caterpillar Kitten

Kindness Song

Grade Level PreK, Grades K-3


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SEL Themes: Self and Social Awareness, Kindness, Self-Advocacy


1. Practice self and social awareness by discussing opinions, preferences, agreements and perceptions (note: avoid black and white language like fact and fiction and support nuance).

2. Demonstrate self-awareness by stating likes and dislikes and being comfortable in having a different opinion than others.

3. Discuss the benefits of compliments compared to criticisms highlighting the appropriate time for both.

Introduction: 5-10 min

Introduce and/ review the nature of opinions, preferences, agreements and perceptions. Ask students to provide examples of each.

Guiding Questions:  

How does it feel when someone says they don't like something about you?

How does it feel when someone gives you a compliment?

What do you like about yourself?

Activity:  Listen to the song, Caterpillar-Kitten :

About the song:

Epic Ethics Early Childhood series Music for Ethical Choices, part of the Epic Ethics Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum.

Caterpillar Kitten highlights resilience of self-esteem in moments of cruelty that all children experience and concludes with the reward of friendship for kindness.

Follow Up Questions:

How can you stay positive when someone is not treating you with kindness?

Who can you go to for help if someone has tried to hurt your feelings?

What can you do to help someone else that is being treated unkindly?

What can you do if someone is being cruel to you?

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Caterpillar Kitten
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