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'Roly Poly Don't Be Scared'- Empathy & Science Lesson
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'Roly Poly Don't Be Scared'- Empathy & Science Lesson


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About This Lesson

Roly Poly (Pill Bug) Lesson

Lesson Objectives

By comparing a roly poly and a human students will:

1. Gain an understanding that different animals have different biological parts to achieve the same function.

2. Demonstrate an awareness that different animals have different habitat needs and experience hazards differently and contribute to the ecosystem in variable but important ways.

3. Demonstrate an awareness of the functions and responsibilities of interacting with other, more delicate life.

1. Intro: Guiding Questions for Students

What do living things need to survive?

What is our responsibility when interacting with nature and other living things?

What can we do to help others safe and happy?

Diagnostic Questions (Optional: Show a picture of a roly poly)

What is a roly poly?

Where do roly polys live?

What do you think roly polys eat?

2. Listen to the Song Roly Poly and discuss the lyrics

Roly Poly don’t be scared

I won't eat you like a hungry brown bear

Roly poly don’t be shy

I won’t call you  names, and make you cry

I know I look like a big and ugly giant

We could be friends I’ve got a dog and you can ride him

Sometimes like you I want to roll up in a ball

But you can be sure that in my hand you’re safe to crawl

Roly poly you abide

Under rocks and logs is where you like to  hide

If you trust me we’ll have fun

I promise not to fry you in the hot hot blazing sun

Even though you are technically a crustacean

You cannot swim so at the beach you’ll need floatation

I won’t trap you in a shoe box in my room

You are welcome to the meals that I don’t consume

You have the gills and i have the lungs

Instead of a maxilliped I have a tongue

You have fourteen legs I have two

I prefer soup but you eat poo poo

You have armor like a knight

I hope that we never get in a fight

3. Find a place outside to search for roly polies (also called pill bugs)

Roly polies live in damp environments like compost, piles of leaves or under logs where there is moisture plus organic matter.

Once you have encountered the roly polies, emphasize the learning from the Roly Poly song. Watch how they roll up in a ball, count their legs, try to look at their mouth. Compare the sizes and colors of different roly polies and try to find patterns.

Reinforce the environmental stewardship Do not kill or hurt the roly polies. Return the roly polies to the place where they were discovered so that the students can return and visit another time. Do not take the roly polies to the classroom or a hot blacktop or dry area, they will die.

4. Encourage follow up play and interaction with roly polies to practice vocabulary and responsible treatment of wildlife.

Preschool Science Standards Explored

See PDF Download of Science Standards Alignment

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Roly Poly- Empathy Song


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