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The Value of Loyalty: SEL Lesson using the Ukraine Folktale: The Old Dog

Folktale Lesson from Ukraine

Grade Level Grades 1-7
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Folktales are distilled cultural ethos. In times of conflict and struggle, folktales can reanimate the wisdom, character and spirit of a people. This Ukrainian story discusses loyalty, generosity, honor, betrayal and the folly of short memories.

Google Form Assessment for the Old Dog:

This is a complete micro lesson on Social Emotional Development through the ethical lens of the Four Awesome Questions:

Is it True?

Is it Fair?

Will it Build Community and Better Friendship?

Will it be Helpful to those Involved?

Following the story, selected discussion questions are presented to engage critical thinking and authentic discussion.

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March 2, 2022
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The Old Dog - A Folktale from Ukraine
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