Latin Roots & Prefixes Mini Lesson 1

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This mini lesson can be used by substitute teachers. This mini lesson helps students to recognize the origins and meanings of common foreign words used in English as measured by progress checks.

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December 2014
Wow! Thanks so much for this resource. You've saved me so much time.
December 2013
Great powerpoint!
December 2013
Excellent PowerPoint. Lesson is tailored for Intermediate and Advanced English language learners. I would not recommend a Substitute teacher to teach the lesson, unless they're reliable and familiar with students.
November 2013
Awesome lesson (or more than one). This is a tricky CCLS standard to meet, so this is really helpful. I wouldn't leave this for a substitute teacher, however.
June 2012
What words are used for Holla Back? And also what is the ppt?
June 2012
Can you please add the powerpoint that goes along with this lesson? Otherwise, looks like a solid resource!