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Mental Health: My Life is Worth Living - LGBTQ+ (Dante's Story Episode 4 of 4)


My Life is Worth Living is a mental wellness and suicide prevention series produced by the Cook Center for Human Connection in collaboration with Wonder Media. Each episode models positive coping skills and positive mental wellness techniques. 

Character Synopsis: Dante is outgoing with friends, confident in school, and a strong member of his football team; no one would suspect that he feels utterly depressed and trapped by the expectations of his family and peers. Now approaching graduation, Dante can no longer bear the pain of hiding his passions and his identity from his father and himself. As he struggles to overcome the feelings of hopelessness that have characterized his teen years, Dante will find unexpected allies in his football coach and the coach’s son, a mental health mentor. He will also learn that his conflicts with his father are not his fault, that he is strong enough to control the Negative voice in his head, and that he is worthy of love and support.

Episode Synopsis: Months of progress and support have given Dante the confidence to share about his struggles with negative thinking at a mental health fair organized by Scott. Dante recounts the confrontation that erupted when he told his father that he quit football, and how painting became a coping skill that helps him deal with his negative thoughts. Unknown to Dante, the event has an unexpected attendee – his father. Disappointed with himself for the confrontation with his son, Dante’s father makes his way into the fair, and, not entirely knowing what to expect when he gets there, seeks to reconcile with Dante.

In each My Life is Worth Living lesson plan, you will find partner and class discussion prompts, writing prompts, a group activity, and a family resource. This lesson is appropriate for grades 6-12.




Lesson Plan
January 5, 2022
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Dante Shares His Journey and Reconnects With His Dad | LGBTQ+ | Ep 4 of 4 | Mental Health Series
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Dante comparte su travesía y reconecta con su padre| LGBTQ+ | 4 de 4
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Dante Compartilha sua Jornada e se Reconecta com seu Pai | LGBTQ+ | 4 de 4
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但丁分享他的心路历程并与他爸爸和好 | 性少数者 | 第 4 集 共 4 集 | 青少年心理健康系列
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