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"A Time to Work and a Time to Play" SEL / Literacy Lesson from the African American trickster Brer Rabbit

Grade Level PreK, Grades K-6
Resource Type Media, Review Activity


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10 Minute Video Lesson

Brer Rabbit folktales are rich in culture and wisdom. This African American story teaches the balance between work-ethic, humor and street-smarts. It introduces 4 Awesome Questions for responsible decision making:  Is it true? Is it fair? Will it build better friendships and community? Will it be helpful to those involved? Begin the lesson eliciting examples relevant to the class to initiate an open ethical discussion that fosters critical thinking and prepares the audience to listen for social emotional learning objectives in the story.

A poster with the 4 Awesome Questions is attached along with a supporting academic vocabulary list.

The video provides the paced text of the story along with audio. Open ended questions to launch authentic dialogue follow the story.

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Review Activity
December 8, 2020
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April 8, 2022
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Brer Rabbit Falls Down a Well
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