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What to Teach in June

What to Teach This Month: June

June 5, 2023

What to Teach This Month: June


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There has always been something magical about the month of June for me. I suspect it’s a result of the lingering feelings from childhood when June meant school was out, and I could spend my days traipsing through the creeks near my house, and spend the evenings in the cool summer air stargazing and catching lightning bugs. Regardless of the reason, each year a giddiness goes through me when I realize June is here.

June may mean school is out for many students, but that doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. Whether you are an educator teaching summer school or a parent/guardian who is looking for educational resources to use with your children this summer, the month of June is rich with events that provide perfect opportunities for learning. Explore these five topics with accompanying lesson plans that you may want to teach this month:

Anne Frank’s Birthday 

Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929. Her birthday is an ideal time to teach secondary students about her story and the Holocaust.

Anne Frank Novel Hyperdocs Template

Activity, Handout | Grades 6-12

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June, and it can be the perfect time to engage children in not only celebrating Father’s Day but also in improving their literacy skills. Explore these two resources for grades K-8 below.

Autistic Pride Day

Autistic Pride Day, celebrated on June 18, is dedicated to recognizing and honoring the unique strengths, talents, and perspectives of people on the autism spectrum. This day is all about challenging misconceptions and embracing neurodiversity, viewing autism as a natural variation of human experience rather than a disorder to be cured. Check out these resources for Autistic Pride Day:


On June 19, 1865, Union Army General Gordon Granger proclaimed the end of slavery to individuals in Galveston, Texas. Abraham Lincoln had outlawed slavery more than two years before with the Emancipation Proclamation, but the enforcement of the end of slavery in Texas had been poor and inconsistent until Granger arrived. President Biden declared it as a national holiday in 2021. Use these grades 1-12 resources to celebrate Juneteenth.

World Refugee Day

The United Nations organizes World Refugee Day each year on June 20, as a day to recognize and honor refugees across the globe. Use these K-12 resources to educate young people on the challenges that refugees face.

Stonewall Riots

The Stonewall Riots began on June 28, 1969, sparking what many consider to be the start of the organized LGBTQIA+ rights movement. Today, we continue to recognize the anniversary of this important event. Teach young people about the history of the riots with these two resources.

If you’re looking for additional resources to teach this month, check out these curated collections covering June recognitions: Black Music Appreciation Month, Caribbean American Heritage Month, Immigrant Heritage Month and Pride Month.

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