Clothesline Numbers - Number Magnitude

AFT Common Core Math Cadre

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This is the first lesson in a math unit, Unified Understanding of Numbers. In this lesson, students will work with the values and ordering of numbers in the full system of rational numbers, which includes negative rational numbers, and in particular negative integers, to reason about the order and absolute value of rational numbers. This lesson was developed by Bev Voos using a Lesson Plan template chosen by the AFT Common Core cadre for lesson sharing. The Lesson Plan template is also included. CCSS alignment: 6.NS.5, 6.NS.6, 6.NS.7


January 2015
I love this lesson. I am currently working on my middle school math certification and it gives me all the resources I need and explains everything very thoroughly. I think it is so creative and the students will love it. You are an inspiration.
March 2014
Great lesson! Very thorough. has all the resources needed for a successful lesson.
July 2013
Thank you so much for writing up this lesson. I do something similar in my 5th grade so I will make adjustments for my grade level and you have given me some beautiful tools to work with.