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Empowering Our Schools: Resources to Counter Anti-LGBTQIA+ Hate

June 3, 2024

Empowering Our Schools: Resources to Counter Anti-LGBTQIA+ Hate

Learn about essential resources to empower schools with tools to address and reduce anti-LGBTQIA+ hate, ensuring an inclusive environment for everybody.


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Alarming trends reported by the Washington Post highlight significant challenges in our schools. In states with laws targeting LGBTQIA+ issues, the Human Rights Campaign reports that hate crimes in schools have quadrupled, putting students' safety and mental health at severe risk. This stark reality demands our immediate attention:  Forty percent of LGBTQIA+ youth have seriously considered suicide in the past year, according to the Trevor Project. Additionally, over 85 percent of LGBTQIA+ students experience verbal harassment, and more than half face cyberbullying. The need for action is clear and urgent.

Protecting Trans Women

Transgender people, especially transgender women of color, face heightened levels of discrimination and violence based on their gender identity. For instance, the National Center for Transgender Equality reports that 75% of transgender youth feel unsafe at school. This fear and exclusion contribute to devastating mental health outcomes like depression and anxiety. Addressing these issues requires a comprehensive approach: implementing supportive policies, adopting affirming school practices and providing robust mental health resources. Schools must become sanctuaries where every student feels valued and safe.

Addressing False Claims about LGBTQIA+ People

Debunking false claims about the LGBTQIA+ community is essential for fostering understanding and acceptance. Misinformation can spread rapidly, and fact-checking plays a crucial role in combating harmful stereotypes and myths. Addressing and correcting false narratives supports a more informed and inclusive society. The Associated Press has been instrumental in fact-checking and debunking false claims about the LGBTQIA+ community, highlighting the importance of accurate information. By exposing these falsehoods, we promote empathy and respect. A collective effort to boost media literacy and pass on accurate information is vital in building a culture of equity and acceptance for everyone.

Defining Mis- and Disinformation: A New Toolkit for Educators

This free toolkit is based on extensive conversations with educators, parents and experts in mis- and disinformation.


How Educators Can Combat Anti-LGBTQIA+ Hate in Schools

In these troubling times, educators, parents, and guardians play a crucial role. Equipping ourselves with the knowledge and tools to counteract hate and foster empathy is essential. Education is the first step toward change. Share My Lesson offers a growing selection of free high-quality resources that educate, inform and inspire action year-round. For example, our inclusive classroom lesson plans help teachers celebrate diversity and raise LGBTQIA+ visibility. One educator noted in one of our free, for-credit webinars, "Simply excellent, relevant, and much needed for our students and colleagues. Being fluent in LGBTQIA+ issues is critically important for adults if we consider ourselves educators."

U.S. Anti-LGBTQIA+ Bills

In 2023, the American Civil Liberties Union tracked 510 anti-LGBTQIA+ bills in the U.S. Check out a map of where these bills were proposed and whether they passed here.

Essential Resources: Creating Safe Spaces and Support for LGBTQIA+ Students

These resources guide educators, parents and guardians in promoting LGBTQIA+ inclusivity. You'll find lesson plans, guides and free, for-credit professional development opportunities. For example, this webinar, "Affirming Students in Identity-Safe Classrooms" from Share My Lesson partner Identity Safe Classrooms helps educators create inclusive environments and welcoming schools. Start exploring these resources today and see how you can make a difference in your school community.

LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Classroom Lesson Plans and Guides

Promote lesson planning that celebrates diversity and raises the visibility of LGBTQIA+ individuals, history and contemporary issues, while opposing false claims of “gender ideology” and promoting accurate education. Review our entire collection here.

Blogs and Reflections

Explore personal stories from Share My Lesson bloggers, sharing diverse experiences both inside and outside the classroom. For instance, one teacher recounts, "Creating an identity-affirming classroom changed my students' lives. They now feel seen and valued." These reflections offer valuable insights and inspiration.

Pattern of rainbow-colored hearts on a black background, symbolizing LGBTQ+ pride and inclusivity.

National Coming Out Day

The world has changed in ways that make me so proud of the generations after mine, so this Coming Out Day, I want to tell you what I see that has changed, what has improved, and what gives me hope.

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LGBTQ+ books for middle and high school - composite image of selected titles.

Queerly Beloved: LGBTQIA+ Books That Empower Students

Explore this list of LGBTQIA+ books to help support middle and high school students and get ideas for creating welcoming environments at school.

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Identity Safety for LGBTQIA+ Students and Families

Ways to Validate Students: Identity Safety for LGBTQIA+ Students and Families

As educators, we owe it to children and youth everywhere who deserve to attend school and live in a world where they feel identity safe and included.

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AFT I-ACT logo with blue shield and gradient dot pattern, representing the Identity Affirming Classroom Team initiative

Identity-Affirming Classrooms: Thought Partner Series

Learn about a new thought partner series from the AFT Identity-Affirming Classroom Team on how communities can work together to create and sustain equitable learning communities.

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Anti-Bullying Resources

Equip teachers and students with strategies to combat bullying, emphasizing the importance of allyship.

Mental Health Awareness

As we navigate the complexities of today's world, it is crucial to prioritize mental health in order to foster resilience, empathy, and emotional intelligence among our children. The resources included in this collection address various topics, such as stress management, self-esteem building, mental health coping mechanisms and professional learning webinars.

Using Inclusive Storybooks and Biographies

Use literature to introduce students to real-life stories of LGBTQIA+ individuals, promoting empathy and understanding.

LGBTQIA+ Policy Advocacy Toolkits

Understand the legal landscape and learn how to advocate for policies that protect LGBTQIA+ rights at school.

A Call to Action: Ending Anti-LGBTQIA+ Hate

The data underscores a critical need: Our schools must become sanctuaries of safety, acceptance and inclusivity. This is where you come in. Your voice and actions can make a tangible difference as an educator, parent or guardian. Start by exploring and sharing the resources on Share My Lesson. Educate yourself and others, and join the movement toward a more inclusive educational environment. Together, we can transform our schools and support every student.

Creating a Future of Inclusivity

Looking to the future, let's remember the transformative power of education. By promoting resources that combat anti-LGBTQIA+ hate, we're not just teaching; we're taking a stand for justice and equity. We must work together to ensure that every student feels valued, safe and supported regardless of their identity. Together, we can transform our schools into beacons of hope and pillars of inclusivity. Let’s make this vision a reality, one step at a time.

LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Educator Resources

Support and celebrate LGBTQIA+ students and inspire meaningful advocacy with these free lesson plans, activities and educator resources.

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