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What are your plans for this year's Summer of Learning?

Summer of Learning 2024: Surfing the Waves of Knowledge

June 12, 2024

Summer of Learning 2024: Surfing the Waves of Knowledge

Empower your teaching this summer with Share My Lesson's 2024 Summer of Learning. Access free webinars, activities, and resources designed for educators.


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Summer is here, and while it’s the perfect time for some fun in the sun, it’s also a fantastic chance to keep the learning vibes going strong—for your students and your professional development. So grab your metaphorical surfboard, swim out to sea, and catch those exciting waves of knowledge!

Share My Lesson's 2024 Summer of Learning series brings you the best of both worlds—lots of engaging ideas and a big splash of education! Check out our collection of 130+ free summer learning activities that make education both rigorous and entertaining! From captivating summer reading lists that ignite a passion for stories suitable for all ages to a handpicked selection of summer movies ideal for fun and educational family nights, there’s something for everyone. Engage kids with hands-on summer activities, and explore the wonders of the ocean with our Shark Week lessons, all designed to keep young minds active and curious.

But wait, there’s more! Summer isn’t just for students; it’s a chance for educators to refresh and recharge. This summer marks the return of our Summer of Learning webinar series where you’ll find a wealth of resources to prepare for the upcoming school year. Whether it’s self-care blogs and wellness sessions or free, for-credit professional development webinars, your Summer of Learning is here to help bridge the gap between school years and inspire continuous growth. Enjoy the best of both worlds this summer—relaxation and preparation—with resources that make learning an adventure.

Not Sure if Webinars Can Be Fun?

Check out one of the latest webinars from our AI Educator Brain series and see how much fun you can have when you sign up for one of our summer sessions! Want more? Register for all AI sessions, both on demand and upcoming here.

Boost Your Skills with Our Summer of Learning Webinars

Our Summer of Learning webinars are the ultimate way to stay inspired and in the know this summer! Join us live or catch up later on demand—these for-credit webinars cover a range of exciting topics to help you grow as an educator, ensuring you’re always learning something new. When watching an on-demand session (hopefully poolside), you can also watch with closed captions in both English and Spanish. Plus, you can earn professional development credits while picking up fresh insights and strategies to swim smoothly into the new school year. Stay ahead of the game and be fully prepared for the back-to-school season!

July 10 Webinars

High school classroom with students using laptops, teacher presenting information on a large screen at the front.

Court Is in Session: A Tool for Supreme Court Simulations

Transform your classroom into the Supreme Court with iCivics' Supreme Decision, offering media-rich, collaborative civics experiences. Join us to learn how your students can become petitioners, respondents or justices, engaging in civil discourse and connecting with landmark cases.

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"Classroom cell phone storage area labeled 'Cell Phone Stadium' with various instructions for students."

Disrupting the Cellphone Situation and Navigating Social Media in Your Classroom

Join us to discover practical strategies from Amber Chandler on tackling digital distraction and regaining classroom focus. Learn how to engage students in meaningful conversations about screen time and social media, and implement a successful cellphone policy. 

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Three smiling children sitting together in a classroom with a colorful rainbow toy in the foreground.

Beyond Rainbows & Pronouns: Gender Identity in Elementary School

Gain insights and lesson plans to support your LGBTQIA+ students effectively! Register for this session with Advocates for Youth to demystify gender identity and expression, and learn why it's crucial to address these topics in elementary school. 

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Male teacher in a classroom holding a sign that reads 'YOU are an amazing educator!'

Your Reminder: YOU Are An Amazing Educator

Feeling overwhelmed by new tech and resources? Join Nicholas Ferroni for a reminder of the amazing, inspiring work you do daily, celebrating your impact and accomplishments in education.

Register here

July 17 Webinars

A friendly robot teaching a classroom of diverse students, holding a shield with policy documents on the wall.

The AI Educator Brain on AI: Friend or Foe? Policies and Guardrails for Safe Classrooms

Join our AI Educator Brain webinar to learn essential policies and guardrails for integrating AI in education, ensuring ethical use and protecting student privacy. Don't miss this lively session with NYC teacher Sari Beth Rosenberg and AFT's Kelly Booz, featuring practical tools from TeachAI and a fun "Creepy or Cool?" segment.

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Illustration of diverse girls in a classroom with text 'Countering PUSHOUT: Skills to Support Girls of Color.'

Countering PUSHOUT Series: Skills to Support Black Girls 2024

Join us to explore social-behavioral research and interactive videos that address the punitive discipline that Black girls experience in schools. Learn how to create a positive, supportive environment and interrupt school-to-confinement pathways through self-paced videos designed to increase your awareness and skills.

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Quote from a Broward County teacher about hiding during drills, expressing frustration with gun violence in schools.

Talking with Students About Gun Violence

Our students live in a country plagued by gun violence, which significantly impacts their learning and well-being. Join this session with Teachers Unify to explore how to talk to students about gun violence, validate their experiences and offer support, while building strategies based on shared experiences.

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Children working on a climate change project around a table with the text 'SubjectToClimate' at the top.

Integrating K-12 Climate Change Education Across Subjects with SubjectToClimate

Join SubjectToClimate for an interactive session to equip educators with the tools and knowledge to seamlessly integrate climate change education into any subject or grade level. Explore innovative, free resources and strategies to captivate students and foster environmental awareness, leaving with a personalized toolkit ready for immediate use.

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July 24 Webinars

"Illustration of diverse disabled athletes participating in various sports with the text 'Tenacious: Fifteen Adventures Alongside Disabled Athletes.'"

Centering Disabilities in the K-8 Classroom with Nonfiction Texts

Join Lee & Low Books and Paralympic gold medalist Patty Cisneros Prevo for a conversation on centering disabilities in the classroom. Learn from senior literacy manager Katie Potter and Cisneros Prevo about inclusive teaching techniques, high-quality texts and activities to create a welcoming classroom community.

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Group of people participating in a team-building exercise, pulling on each other in a line, with a sign in the background reading 'This is a trusted space.'

A Trusted Space: Where Healing Happens, Resilience Grows, and Learning Happens Naturally

Join Lori Woodley-Langendorff​ with All It Takes to learn about “A Trusted Space, the Series” a new free resource for educators, students and families to gain support and inspire positive change in school communities. This research-based series offers practical tools and insights from education experts to help create environments where students and educators alike can thrive. 

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KidLit logo featuring a cute cat reading a book, with colorful design elements around the text.

UNLOCK THE JOY OF READING - Harness the Power of Videos, Crafts, and Activities

Join KidLit TV team members, author/illustrator Roxie Munro and author Lesa Cline-Ransome to learn how to use book-centric media, crafts and activities to get young readers( kindergarten through middle grades) excited about reading.

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Group of diverse students smiling with the SASH Club logo, promoting peer education to address sexual harassment and assault in schools.

SASH Club: A Peer-Education Approach to Addressing Sexual Harassment and Assault in Schools

Join Share My Lesson partner Stop Sexual Assault in Schools to learn how to combat sexual harassment and assault in K-12 schools by creating local SASH Clubs (Students Against Sexual Harassment). Gain practical insights from Stop Sexual Assault in Schools, explore the SASH Club website, and discover tools and strategies to establish these clubs, empowering students to create safer, more supportive school environments.

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July 31 Webinars

Colorful mural with the text 'We Rise by Lifting Others' promoting community support and empowerment.

Realize the Dream: Answering Dr. King’s Call to Service In Your Classroom

Join this session with Education+ to learn how to authentically engage your students in service learning that meets standards and tackles real-world community issues. Discover Realize the Dream's framework, K-12 curriculum, classroom videos, grants and more to help you lead, serve and inspire in your local and global community. 

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Portrait of a woman standing in a dimly lit room, associated with teaching 9/11 through diverse narratives.

The Power of First-Person History: Teaching 9/11 Through Diverse Narratives

Discover first-person narratives, primary sources, and classroom-ready strategies from the National September 11 Memorial & Museum that help educators utilize diverse stories to teach challenging content. Learn how to help students make connections between 9/11, which is an entirely historical event for them, and the present day in this interactive session. 

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"Green Literacy webinar on July 31, 2024, from 3:45 PM to 4:45 PM EDT. Learn how to empower young people through reading, writing, and speaking about environmental social justice."

Green Literacy: How to Empower Young People Through Reading, Writing and Speaking About Environmental Social Justice

Join us to explore innovative strategies for empowering students as environmental social justice advocates through reading, writing and speaking activities. Gain practical insights, lesson plans and teaching strategies to integrate environmental themes and social equity into your curriculum, inspiring a new generation of conscious leaders. 

Register now

Make This Summer Count

Don’t let the summer fly by without diving into these awesome learning opportunities. Check out our fantastic resources and join our fun webinars to ride the biggest waves. Embrace the sunshine with Share My Lesson and turn these bright days into a season of growth and discovery.

Ready to dive in? Register for the Summer of Learning now.

Your Summer of Learning

Looking for summer PD hours, ideas for back to school, or just ways to relax? Visit Share My Lesson's Summer of Learning page for upcoming summer webinars, teaching resources, blogs, self-care ideas and more.

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