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Our team of experts works to curate some of the very best content on Share My Lesson with collections covering a variety of topics that span the curriculum, current events and professional development. Select a topic below and discover resource collections to help you connect with students and colleagues in new, innovative ways.

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1st Grade Math Worksheets
2017 Virtual Conference - On Demand
2018 Virtual Conference - On Demand
2018 Virtual Conference Highlights
2019 Virtual Conference - On Demand
2019 Virtual Conference Highlights - On Demand
2020 Virtual Conference - On Demand
2021 Virtual Conference - On Demand
2022 Virtual Conference Highlights - On Demand
2nd Grade Lesson Plans, Worksheets and Activities
9/11 Lesson Plans and Resources
Addressing Gun Violence: Lesson Plans and Resources
AFT Member Webinars - Spring 2018
AFT Member-Created Resources
AFT TEACH: Curriculum and Content Sessions
AFT TEACH: Equity and Social Justice Sessions
AFT TEACH: Instructional Strategies Sessions
After the Polls Close: 2020 Election Results to Inauguration
American Slavery Lesson Plans: Teaching Hard History
Anti-Bias Education and Culturally Responsive Teaching - Virtual Conference 2021
Anti-Bias Education and Teaching Diverse Populations Webinars
Anti-Racism Resources for Racial Literacy
Antisemitism and Addressing Hate
Arab American Heritage Month
Arts and Humanities Resources
Asian American and Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander Heritage Month
Assessments and Student Achievement Webinars - Spring 2018
August 3 Webinars - Summer 2017
Back to School Activities and Resources
Back to School Lesson Plans & Resources
Back to School: Professional Development Webinars
Baseball Lesson Plans and Activities for PreK-12
Best 2020 Collections
Best 2020 Communities
Best 2020 Resources from Blogs
Best 2020 Resources from Members
Best 2020 Resources from News Lessons
Best 2020 Resources from Partners
Best 2020 Tip Sheets from the American Federation of Teachers
Best 2020 Webinars
Best Resources of 2016
Black History Month Lesson Plans and Resources
Brown v. Board of Education Lesson Collection
Building Inclusive Communities Webinars - Spring 2020
Building Teacher and Staff Capacity
Bullying in Schools: Free Prevention Resources
Career-Readiness, Digital Literacy and Project-Based Learning - Spring 2019 Webinars
Celebrate Elementary Science
Celebrating Earth Day and Arbor Day
Census 2020
Character Day
Civic Education and Election Resources
Civic Engagement, Current Events and Social Studies - Virtual Conference 2021
Civic Participation for Our Youngest Citizens
Civil Discourse, Current Events and Global Issues Webinars - Spring 2018
Classroom Management and Restorative Practices Webinars
Classroom Management Strategies: Free Resources
Classroom Management, Restorative Practices and Support for ALL Students - Virtual Conference 2021
Climate Change Education
Congress and the Legislative Branch
Constitution Day Activities and Resources
Constitutional Crisis and Impeachment: Lesson Plans and Activities
Controversial Issues, Current Events and Social Justice webinars
Coronavirus & Distance Learning Resources for Parents
Coronavirus Lesson Plans and Resources
Current Events and Student Activism Webinars - Spring 2020
Digital Literacy and Computer Science
Digital Wellbeing and Social Media
Disaster Recovery and Promoting Preparedness, Understanding and Healing
Distance Learning Resources for PreK-12
Distance Learning, Reopening Schools and Learning Recovery - Virtual Conference 2021
Diverse Books: Lesson Plans and Resources for PreK-12 Education
Elementary Math Lesson Plans & Resources
English Language Arts, Social Studies and Civics Webinars
English Language Learners (ELL) Lesson Plans, Resources and Activities
Families Belong Together
Family Engagement Ideas and Resources
Father's Day Lesson Plans and Activities
Favorite 11th and 12th Grade ELA Lesson Plans and Activities
Favorite Eighth Grade Lesson Plans and Activities
Favorite Fifth Grade Lesson Plans and Activities
Favorite First Grade Lesson Plans and Classroom Resources
Favorite Fourth Grade Lesson Plans and Activities
Favorite Grade 9-10 ELA Resources
Favorite High School Math Lesson Plans and Activities
Favorite High School Science Resources
Favorite High School Social Studies Lesson Plans and Activities
Favorite Kindergarten Lesson Plans and Activities
Favorite Pre-K Classroom Resources and Lesson Plans
Favorite Second Grade Lesson Plans and Activities
Favorite Seventh Grade Lesson Plans and Activities
Favorite Sixth Grade Lesson Plans and Activities
Favorite Third Grade Lesson Plans and Activities
Florida Elections: Integrity in the Voting Process
Fostering School and Community Collaboration
Foundations of Democracy and Government
Free Online Resources for Educators, Parents and Students
Free Online Resources for English Language Learners
Free Online Resources for Students with Disabilities
Free Online Resources: High School
Free Online Resources: Middle School
Free Online Resources: Pre-K & Elementary
Grades 3-5 Distance Learning Resources
Grades 6-8 Distance Learning Resources
Grades K-2 Distance Learning Resources
Halloween Lesson Plans and Resources
Healthy School Climate Webinars - Spring 2017
High School Distance Learning Resources
Hispanic Heritage Month Activities and Resources
Holidays & Events
Holocaust Remembrance and Lesson Plans
Immigrant Heritage Month Lessons and Resources
Immigration Lesson Plans and Resources
Inclusive Education Webinars - Spring 2018
Independence Day July 4 Lessons and Activities
Indigenous Peoples Lesson Plans and Resources
Instructional Strategies Across the Curriculum Webinars - Spring 2020
Instructional Strategies for the Arts, ELA and STEM - Virtual Conference 2021
International Politics
Jazz Appreciation Month
Jewish American Heritage Month Resources
July 11, 2019 - AFT TEACH
July 12, 2019 - AFT TEACH
July 13, 2019 - AFT TEACH
Kindergarten Math Worksheets
Labor Day: Union Education Resources
LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Educator Resources
March 12 Webinars - Spring 2019
March 13 Webinars - Spring 2018
March 13 Webinars - Spring 2019
March 14 Webinars - Spring 2017
March 14 Webinars - Spring 2018
March 14 Webinars - Spring 2019
March 15 Webinars - Spring 2017
MARCH 15 WEBINARS - Spring 2018
March 16 Webinars - Spring 2017
March 23 Virtual Conference Webinars - Spring 2021
March 24 Virtual Conference Webinars - Spring 2021
March 24 Webinars - Spring 2020
March 25 Virtual Conference Webinars - Spring 2021
March 25 Webinars - Spring 2020
March 26 Webinars - Spring 2020
March on Washington Lesson Plans and Resources
Martin Luther King Lesson Plans and Resources: Understanding a Life and Legacy
Me Too: Resources for PreK-12 Teachers and School Staff
Memorial Day Lesson Plans & Resources
Mental Health Awareness: Resources & Professional Development
Mental Health, SEL and Trauma-Sensitive Practices - Virtual Conference 2021
Mother's Day Activities & Resources
Music in Our Schools Month
New School Year, New Students: Resources to Prepare for Back to School
New Teacher Collection: Free Resources for Back to School
Paraprofessionals & School Personnel Webinars - Summer 2017
Paraprofessionals and School Related Personnel Webinars - Spring 2018
Parent Resources for SEL and Learning Recovery
Physical Education for PreK-12
Poetry Month: Free Lesson Plans, Activities and Resources
Positive School Climate
Pre-K Distance Learning Resources
Presidents Day Lesson Plans and Resources
Professional Development Webinars for Civic Education and Elections
Professional Growth Webinars - Spring 2017
Promoting Children's Well-Being
Refresh 2017: The Mega Collection
Resources for Building Successful Community Schools
Resources for Detroit
Restorative Practices: Free Classroom Resources
Rights of Farmworkers: Labor Leaders César Chávez and Dolores Huerta
School and Community Members - Spring 2018
Science Lessons for Middle and High School
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Webinars - Spring 2020
Secondary Math Lesson Plans & Resources
Shark Science and Healthy Oceans: Lessons and Resources
Social Emotional Learning Activities for Elementary
Social Emotional Learning and Classroom Management Webinars - Spring 2018
Social Emotional Learning and Trauma-Informed Practice Webinars - Spring 2020
Social Emotional Learning for Middle and High School
Social Justice Issues: Lesson Plans, Resources and Activities
Special Education: Free Resources and Professional Development
Student Health and Well-Being Webinars - Spring 2018
Summer Learning and Learning At Home
Summer Learning with Movies
Summer of Learning 2022
Summer Reading Lessons and Activities
Supporting Powerful Learning
Supporting Safe Schools: Resources for Gun Violence Prevention
Supporting Students with Disabilities during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Teach Human Rights Resources
Teacher Toolkits
Teaching about Race and Racism: Lesson Plans and Resources
Teaching Across the Curriculum Webinars - Spring 2018
Teaching Across the Curriculum Webinars March 2019
Teaching Juneteenth
Thanksgiving Lesson Plans and Resources
The 1964 Civil Rights Act: Lesson Plans, Activities and Resources
The History of the Olympic Games and Beijing 2022
The Supreme Court: Balancing the Branches
Threats to Democracy
To Kill a Mockingbird Lesson Plans and Activities
Top 2017 Resources: Best SML Lesson Plans
Top 2018 Resources: Free Lesson Plans
Top 2019 Resources: The Best of AFT Share My Lesson
Top 2020 Resources: The Best of Share My Lesson
Top 2021 Resources: The Best of Share My Lesson
Top Distance Learning Webinars Supporting Online & Hybrid Models
Top Free Lessons of the Decade
Trauma-Informed Resources for Students and School Staff
Understanding Voting and Voter Rights
United for Orlando
Valentine's Day Activities and Resources
Veterans Day Lesson Plans and Resources
Voting Rights Act of 1965: Lesson Plans and Resources
Webinars for All School Staff - Spring 2020
Webinars for Early Childhood Educators - Virtual Conference 2021
Webinars for Parents and Caregivers - Virtual Conference 2021
Webinars for School Support Staff - Virtual Conference 2021
Winter Holiday Activities and Resources
Women's History Month Lesson Plans & Resources
Women's Suffrage and Equal Rights: Free Lesson Plans and Resources
Wraparound Services